The Perks of Private Yacht Charters

Last week at work, I was talking to my boss and he was complaining about how much his boss gets paid relative to him. He told me that he needed assistance from his boss regarding a complex financial transaction that they were trying to sell to our client, but his boss was unavailable because he had chartered a private yacht with his family to have a vacation on the Great Lakes. I don’t think he cares very much about not completing the work immediately; he’s just jealous that he can’t afford to charter a private yacht. After he left me alone, I decided to look into private yacht charters because I was bored at work and I wanted to know how my boss’s boss lives his life. I found the website for Anita Dee Yacht Charters, and it had a lot of information related to chartering private yachts.

This charter service owns two yachts that it rents to clients for a wide variety of services. They have hosted weddings including the reception, the rehearsals, the bridal shower, and even post-wedding brunches. In addition, they also host large corporate events, parties, and even large family vacations. They do not limit themselves to these options and are open to hearing any idea relating to chartering a private yacht. According to the testimonials they have hosted fraternity events for local colleges. They claim to have a completely customizable experience that can fit any purpose and fill any need.

In addition to the yachts and the crew that are provided by this charter service, they also have extensive business relationships with caterers and entertainers to supplement the event that you want to host. This company has an extensive list of ten different catering services that they have used in the past when hosting events on their yachts. These range from custom dining experiences, to vegan and sustainable meals, to five-star award-winning upscale dining. You can create the menu to meet your exact specifications if you’d like to. In addition to the food, Anita Dee Yacht Charter’s yachts have state of the art sound systems that can play music throughout the entire ship, and they guarantee that these systems are often upgraded to make sure that the quality is unmatched. They can connect you with entertainment specialists that can collaborate with you to ensure that you have the perfect performance that matches the type of environment you are trying to create on the yacht. Additionally, they have connections with a DJ service that covers several genres and will make the boat’s dance floor a popular place to be. They are also open to the idea of hiring your own independent entertainment or catering to ensure that you have the ideal experience.

These yachts accommodate up to four hundred guests, and they can be rented by the hour for less than a thousand dollars an hour, depending on the day of the week and the ship you choose. I really hope that one day I am wealthy or important enough to be able to host a party or event on a private yacht.

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