School Hosts Televangelist-Sponsored Toy Drive; Receives Lawsuit Threat

A charter school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado recently received a letter from the American Humanist Association threatening a lawsuit for their involvement in a charity event sponsored by a Christian minister, and the moms are mad.

Operation Christmas Child, the charity event in question, is basically a toy drive. Families put gifts together in a shoebox so less privileged kids in third-world countries can have Christmas presents.

Although the event was not a school project, and no grades were based off of it, minister Franklin Graham sponsored the project. The drive was promoted by teachers and administration during school hours, and the school was officially affiliated with the project, according to the article.

The school ended their official affiliation with the event after receiving the letter, and mothers and their students decided to hold the event on the sidewalk a few blocks from the school in protest. They have allegedly received over 500 shoe boxes in one day.

However, even after the success of the drive, parents are still indignant. One mother even claims that the group was “bullied”.

Few could fault parents for encouraging their kids to give to the less fortunate. However, the violation of church and state is glaring. A charter school can’t host a charity event promoting a Christian holiday, which is funded by a Christian minister, on school property and promote it during school hours. It’s against the law to entangle church and state to that extent.

The fact that the group was able to give gifts to less fortunate children is commendable. They should hold the drive every year on the sidewalk. In fact, the religious leaders should sponsor as many drives as they can—so long as they’re kept off of school campuses.

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