Oral Health Treatment – What Can Make it Go Wrong?

With more Americans becoming conscious of the vast importance of oral health and clean, white teeth, dentists are doing everything they can to live up to the challenge. Thus, aside from the usual tooth extractions they have always performed, they now also offer many other treatments and services, like  crowns and bridges, veneers, braces and orthodontia, teeth whitening (which is the number one obsession among Americans), and now, Neuromuscular dentistry, the latest development in oral healthcare. But, mind you, improvements in dental clinics are not confined solely on the number and quality performance of the latest services; these also include hiring professional and friendly staff and transforming their clinics into a more comfortable and conducive place to make patients feel more important and relaxed.

Like other medical professionals, dentists are obliged to observe standards of care to ensure quality treatment to all patients. Failure to observe these standards can result to patient harm or injury that can lead to a malpractice lawsuit against them and their staff. Dentists, therefore, ought to make sure that their patients know and understand the treatment to be performed and the possible immediate or long-tem effects of such treatment.

For it is a sad fact that complaints regarding dental malpractice have risen in the recent years, revealing how a number of dentists have not been careful in how they look after their patients. Though Prosthodontics, which refers to tooth replacement and which may involve extraction, as well as denture and bridge treatment, is the most common area of dentistry that is complained about, according to the American Dental Association (ADA).

Some of the other mistakes that can be committed by dentists, which injure patients, and result in malpractice lawsuits, include:

  • Insufficient or delayed treatment of oral problem
  • Wrong diagnosis of oral problem
  • Extractions and/or infection that lead/s to fracture of the jaw;
  • Failure to use correct dental equipment, leading to infection;
  • Damaging lingual nerve, whether temporary or permanent;
  • Causing infection due to marred dental bridges , root canals or implants; and,
  • Wrong dosage of anesthesia (this can actually lead to complications or death)

With regard to the possible injuries patients may suffer from due to such malpractice of negligence of the dentist, these can include: periodontal (gum) disease or advanced oral cancer; debilitating and increasing pain; injury to the nerves of the tongue, lips, jaw, chin or face; numbness; uncontrolled bleeding; teeth or gum injury due to faulty bridge or crown; stroke; and, heart attack.

School Hosts Televangelist-Sponsored Toy Drive; Receives Lawsuit Threat

A charter school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado recently received a letter from the American Humanist Association threatening a lawsuit for their involvement in a charity event sponsored by a Christian minister, and the moms are mad.

Operation Christmas Child, the charity event in question, is basically a toy drive. Families put gifts together in a shoebox so less privileged kids in third-world countries can have Christmas presents.

Although the event was not a school project, and no grades were based off of it, minister Franklin Graham sponsored the project. The drive was promoted by teachers and administration during school hours, and the school was officially affiliated with the project, according to the article.

The school ended their official affiliation with the event after receiving the letter, and mothers and their students decided to hold the event on the sidewalk a few blocks from the school in protest. They have allegedly received over 500 shoe boxes in one day.

However, even after the success of the drive, parents are still indignant. One mother even claims that the group was “bullied”.

Few could fault parents for encouraging their kids to give to the less fortunate. However, the violation of church and state is glaring. A charter school can’t host a charity event promoting a Christian holiday, which is funded by a Christian minister, on school property and promote it during school hours. It’s against the law to entangle church and state to that extent.

The fact that the group was able to give gifts to less fortunate children is commendable. They should hold the drive every year on the sidewalk. In fact, the religious leaders should sponsor as many drives as they can—so long as they’re kept off of school campuses.

New York City Train Derails, Killing Four

A commuter train traveling from Poughkeepsie to Manhattan derailed early yesterday morning, killing four passengers and injuring at least 65 more.

At the time of the accident, the train had initiated a sharp turn on tracks that run along the intersection of the Hudson and Harlem rivers. Trains travel at speeds of 70 mph on the straightaway leading up to this turn, but typically slow down to 30 mph to safely make it past the curve. The derailed train’s conductor claimed the brakes became unresponsive as the vehicle approached the turn, possibly being what caused the train to careen off the tracks.

The train line serves some 26,000 people on an average day. Thousands of New Yorkers have had their commutes disrupted by this train accident, which officials say will take about a week to clear up.

This is not the first time a train has malfunctioned along that stretch of track. In July of this year, a freight train derailed in the same area.

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