New York City Train Derails, Killing Four

A commuter train traveling from Poughkeepsie to Manhattan derailed early yesterday morning, killing four passengers and injuring at least 65 more.

At the time of the accident, the train had initiated a sharp turn on tracks that run along the intersection of the Hudson and Harlem rivers. Trains travel at speeds of 70 mph on the straightaway leading up to this turn, but typically slow down to 30 mph to safely make it past the curve. The derailed train’s conductor claimed the brakes became unresponsive as the vehicle approached the turn, possibly being what caused the train to careen off the tracks.

The train line serves some 26,000 people on an average day. Thousands of New Yorkers have had their commutes disrupted by this train accident, which officials say will take about a week to clear up.

This is not the first time a train has malfunctioned along that stretch of track. In July of this year, a freight train derailed in the same area.

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