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How to Mitigate Back Pain

Every day, millions of people have to deal with back pain that stems from a variety of sources. Some are lucky to have just slept in a funky position and will feel better in a few hours. Others have to deal with chronic pain that seems to have no relief.

We all have to deal with our discomfort in our own ways. A few of us prefer to tough it out and hope it will be better tomorrow, but others will do anything to get even just a few moments of relief.

There’s not always a clear-cut solution to this problem. A thousand doctors will tell you a thousand different things to do differently in order to have a better back. I’m no doctor but there are a few things that you can try out to help reduce the pain in your back.

Get tested for scoliosis

Scoliosis isn’t always something that starts as a child. This means that the examination you had in the fifth grade might not still be accurate. Adult-onset scoliosis can leave us scratching our heads and wondering why we’re suddenly sore, all the time. Scoliosis can take an otherwise healthy body and leave it aching and miserable.

A specialist can see if you’ve developed scoliosis as an adult. It doesn’t sound like fun, but if this is what ended up happening, a corrective brace can work wonders for someone suffering.

Sit up straight

You’re almost definitely slouching as you’re reading this. Take a second and check your posture, making sure that your back and shoulders are straight but relaxed. In fact, if you work a desk job, set an alarm to check your posture every ten minutes, it’ll help break the habit of doubling over on yourself.

We don’t really think about it that often, but slouching is terrible for our backs. It can leave us feeling sore after sitting at a desk for hours on end, despite not having moved at all. A foam roller would be good to roll out stiff muscles if you’re still feeling sore after a day at the office.

Wear a bra that fits.

An ill-fitting bra does so much more than just making an outfit look awkward. Improper chest support can cause immense strain on someone’s neck and back, especially if they’re doing a lot of strenuous activity or working out. Make sure your bra is the correct size, and don’t be afraid to shop at different stores until you find the perfect one.

Of course, a bra can only do so much. Some people have chests so large that they’re constantly functioning at a slight level of discomfort. These people struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position, they can forget about being able to go for a run.

If your chest is causing you a ton of pain, consider a breast reduction like the ones offered by Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery. Removing excess weight from your front may be just what you need to finally feel some relief. Many people have found that their entire body is less sore after getting a breast reduction.