How to Mitigate Back Pain

Every day, millions of people have to deal with back pain that stems from a variety of sources. Some are lucky to have just slept in a funky position and will feel better in a few hours. Others have to deal with chronic pain that seems to have no relief.

We all have to deal with our discomfort in our own ways. A few of us prefer to tough it out and hope it will be better tomorrow, but others will do anything to get even just a few moments of relief.

There’s not always a clear-cut solution to this problem. A thousand doctors will tell you a thousand different things to do differently in order to have a better back. I’m no doctor but there are a few things that you can try out to help reduce the pain in your back.

Get tested for scoliosis

Scoliosis isn’t always something that starts as a child. This means that the examination you had in the fifth grade might not still be accurate. Adult-onset scoliosis can leave us scratching our heads and wondering why we’re suddenly sore, all the time. Scoliosis can take an otherwise healthy body and leave it aching and miserable.

A specialist can see if you’ve developed scoliosis as an adult. It doesn’t sound like fun, but if this is what ended up happening, a corrective brace can work wonders for someone suffering.

Sit up straight

You’re almost definitely slouching as you’re reading this. Take a second and check your posture, making sure that your back and shoulders are straight but relaxed. In fact, if you work a desk job, set an alarm to check your posture every ten minutes, it’ll help break the habit of doubling over on yourself.

We don’t really think about it that often, but slouching is terrible for our backs. It can leave us feeling sore after sitting at a desk for hours on end, despite not having moved at all. A foam roller would be good to roll out stiff muscles if you’re still feeling sore after a day at the office.

Wear a bra that fits.

An ill-fitting bra does so much more than just making an outfit look awkward. Improper chest support can cause immense strain on someone’s neck and back, especially if they’re doing a lot of strenuous activity or working out. Make sure your bra is the correct size, and don’t be afraid to shop at different stores until you find the perfect one.

Of course, a bra can only do so much. Some people have chests so large that they’re constantly functioning at a slight level of discomfort. These people struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position, they can forget about being able to go for a run.

If your chest is causing you a ton of pain, consider a breast reduction like the ones offered by Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery. Removing excess weight from your front may be just what you need to finally feel some relief. Many people have found that their entire body is less sore after getting a breast reduction.

The Perks of Private Yacht Charters

Last week at work, I was talking to my boss and he was complaining about how much his boss gets paid relative to him. He told me that he needed assistance from his boss regarding a complex financial transaction that they were trying to sell to our client, but his boss was unavailable because he had chartered a private yacht with his family to have a vacation on the Great Lakes. I don’t think he cares very much about not completing the work immediately; he’s just jealous that he can’t afford to charter a private yacht. After he left me alone, I decided to look into private yacht charters because I was bored at work and I wanted to know how my boss’s boss lives his life. I found the website for Anita Dee Yacht Charters, and it had a lot of information related to chartering private yachts.

This charter service owns two yachts that it rents to clients for a wide variety of services. They have hosted weddings including the reception, the rehearsals, the bridal shower, and even post-wedding brunches. In addition, they also host large corporate events, parties, and even large family vacations. They do not limit themselves to these options and are open to hearing any idea relating to chartering a private yacht. According to the testimonials they have hosted fraternity events for local colleges. They claim to have a completely customizable experience that can fit any purpose and fill any need.

In addition to the yachts and the crew that are provided by this charter service, they also have extensive business relationships with caterers and entertainers to supplement the event that you want to host. This company has an extensive list of ten different catering services that they have used in the past when hosting events on their yachts. These range from custom dining experiences, to vegan and sustainable meals, to five-star award-winning upscale dining. You can create the menu to meet your exact specifications if you’d like to. In addition to the food, Anita Dee Yacht Charter’s yachts have state of the art sound systems that can play music throughout the entire ship, and they guarantee that these systems are often upgraded to make sure that the quality is unmatched. They can connect you with entertainment specialists that can collaborate with you to ensure that you have the perfect performance that matches the type of environment you are trying to create on the yacht. Additionally, they have connections with a DJ service that covers several genres and will make the boat’s dance floor a popular place to be. They are also open to the idea of hiring your own independent entertainment or catering to ensure that you have the ideal experience.

These yachts accommodate up to four hundred guests, and they can be rented by the hour for less than a thousand dollars an hour, depending on the day of the week and the ship you choose. I really hope that one day I am wealthy or important enough to be able to host a party or event on a private yacht.

Don’t Skimp on an Immigration Lawyer

When you’re trying to figure out the complex immigration process in America, you may have a brief thought of contacting an immigration lawyer. Your next thought is probably something along the lines of, “I can probably figure it out for myself.”

Even the most cursory reading of recent news shows that this desire for independence and to avoid any extra costs with your immigration process is misplaced. Immigration in the U.S. is incredibly difficult to manage without the help of an experienced lawyer, and the consequences of trying to pull it off alone can be devastating to families.

The American immigration system isn’t as straightforward as it could be. There are many different kinds of visas, and each one comes with its own requirements. Many of these requirements are vague and include the potential for those reviewing your case to demand ever more information and proof for a claim. When it’s a matter of keeping your family together or being able to stay in the country, you really shouldn’t try to guess how best to fill out this information and meet the right requirements. You want to have absolute certainty.

Things are further complicated by the legal limbo of DACA and certain kinds of immigration, such as the so-called “chain migration” visa, that the system is dealing with right now.

This is only the beginning. The law around immigration is fluid, and for the first time in many decades, that law is a central focus of the whole political system. That means it’s no longer so easy to get by without resolving ambiguities in your case.

According to the Law Office of William Jang, PLLC, an immigration lawyer can help you with all of the following:

  • Tracking down delays in applications: USCIS, the part of the federal government responsible for processing visa and citizenship applications, can be incredibly slow and very difficult to get information from. A lawyer can help track down your case and fast-track it.
  • Filling in paperwork right: There’s a lot of paperwork involved in the green card and citizenship process. Tiny mistakes can have big consequences. Your lawyer can guide you through your paperwork and review it to make sure everything is filled in correctly.
  • Waivers: Sometimes, individuals are considered inadmissible because of past behavior. There is often a way around this, but it requires a lawyer.
  • Court hearings: One of the most well-publicized issues about the immigration process recently has been the way the U.S. conducts court hearings. A lawyer can make all the difference here. This is perhaps the most important reason to get a lawyer.

No matter where you are in the immigration process, no matter your history with the system or the legitimacy of your reasons, this is a moment in time when it is crucial you get the legal help that can make sure your case is as solid as possible. You don’t want to play around with your future and your family’s future in America. Don’t skimp: get an immigration lawyer.

Helping Houston Residents North of the Reservoirs

My dad lives by the Addicks Reservoir, North of I-10, and his house got flooded from Hurricane Harvey. I’m helping him through this enormous headache and I’m sorry, but I just need to vent.

First of all, he didn’t have flood insurance. BUT even if did, the FEMA site says coverage is maxed out at $250,000, and that would not cover all the money he’s put into his home over the years. He’s been in that house since my parents split up, and it has never flooded! All the work he had done to his house has been ruined.

Second, he thought that the gates were jammed on the dam, and that’s why the reservoirs filled up and flooded his house. Initially, he told me to calm down and that it was an “act of God.” He was just glad he made it out of there with his cat. Well, I did some investigating. It’s not as crazy as aliens or the JFK conspiracy, but this looks like a government cover-up to me. The Army knew for a long time that these dams were screwed up and guess what happened? Not one thing. They had decades to fix this problem! THEY DID NOTHING!

Third, it’s not like the flood came out of nowhere. Rains were coming into the reservoir from the watershed for quite some time before the water reached my dad’s house. The gates were kept closed until engineers thought water would breach the dam, then they opened up the gates and let all the water go.

If the Army knew that homes were going to be flooded, then they should have done something about it and tried to prevent this from happening. Instead, they made a bad situation worse and flooded neighborhoods on both sides of the dam. I’m shaking as I type this, not only because my dad is going to be on my couch for the foreseeable future asking me how the remote works, but because this isn’t fair. According to the constitution, if the government takes your property away from you, then they have to buy it. I think that’s exactly what happened when the Corps flooded my dad’s neighborhood, and they should pay.

My cousin told me about a team of attorneys based in Houston that is trying to help people that got flooded above the dam. She said Williams Kherkher is really good, and my dad and I are going to schedule an appointment this week. Their website says they take individual clients and treat each case separately. They look legit. If you’re interested, you can check it out here.

Ah, I feel better after typing out some steam. I’m really looking forward to getting this Hurricane Harvey nonsense over with. In the meantime, I’m going to be listening to some music and reliving my glory days with Dad as a roommate.

Long-Term Disability Claims

Filling out a long-term disability claim application is more complicated than expected. Insurance companies are trying to protect themselves from fraud, which is reasonable for any person, but that means that protection often leaves out people that desperately need the help the insurance company promised them. People often have their valid claims denied because there is a specific way they must fill out the form. This is where a victim should call a long-term disability claim lawyer for legal advice to make sure their claim is airtight.

A person can claim long-term disability if any of the following has left them unable to work:

  • Suffer an illness that severely impacted their health
  • Injury, may be from a car accident or onsite hazard
  • Mental condition

All of the above can affect a person’s life so negatively that they are left unable to work for months at a time. The reason they took out the specific insurance they have was to make sure they covered all their expenses in case the worst happened.

Then the worst happened and the company did not follow through. Hiring attorneys with a specialized background in disability claims is the best idea because the victim needs time to heal and focus on their health and well-being, but the claim need to be handled immediately. Organizing all the necessary information, doing the research, and putting it together in a coherent, sound legal argument against a large insurance company takes focus and knowledge that the victim just does not have time for at the moment.

Hiring an attorney, even just to look over a few documents if the claim is small, is a better idea than getting caught in a tangled web of documents after getting denied for a simple clerical error.

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